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Critical Response Systems Announces New Solution Designed to Overcome Alarm Fatigue

Norcross, GA (May 23, 2013) – Critical Response Systems (CRS), a provider of leading-edge, mission-critical communication systems, announced today that the company has developed a solution to relieve “alarm fatigue” in hospitals. Alarm fatigue is the result of the huge arsenal of patient monitors in hospitals that go off so often nurses become desensitized to the alarms. The frequency and variety of alarms demanding attention can be overwhelming, and it often becomes difficult to distinguish the urgency of an alarm, as all alarms tend to blend into the hospital’s background noise. No hospital is completely immune to alarm fatigue problems that can hinder the quality of patient care and in some cases lead to fatalities. At least two dozen deaths per year have been attributed to alarm fatigue.

Critical Response Systems has developed a new critical alert messaging solution that utilizes its M1503 Pager. The new system provides a dedicated solution for enterprise-wide alerting that reduces alarm fatigue by combining excellent performance with reliability, helping to ensure that all critical alert alarms are handled properly. The new solution helps healthcare professionals overcome alarm fatigue by employing the proper technology and training. It allows clinicians to actually learn from their clinical alarms. Using the CRS technology, healthcare professionals can analyze their current clinical alarm statistics and discover the causes and sources of why, where and when unnecessary alarms are occurring and prevent alarm fatigue from setting in.

The new solution is completely self-contained and does not rely on cellular towers, Internet coverage, external communication apps or email servers. Message recipients can reply instantly with just a touch of a button, confirming receipt and how they will react. Also, the system is easily managed and administered from a central location. All system maintenance, address additions, encryption keys, pager settings, etc. are automatically programmed into pagers over the air.

About Critical Response Systems

Critical Response Systems’ manufactures leading-edge wireless data systems, focused solely on critical messaging and alerting. We know that every response starts with an alert, and our systems use the latest technology to ensure that first responders and clinical personnel get their messages quickly, correctly and reliably. For more information, visit us at www.criticalresponse.com.