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NeTLIMS LIS Technology Powers the World’s Second Largest HMO

Jersey City, NJ, April 30, 2012 – NeTLIMS NJ, LLC, A U.S. provider of Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), had its genesis in the world’s second largest HMO – Clalit. Clalit, which began in 1911, is Israel’s largest HMO, with over 3.8 million members.

Besides the nearly four million members, Clalit consists of 14 independent hospitals with 5,500 beds, 600 departments, 1,300 clinics, 400 pharmacies and more than 80 laboratories, including a core Megalab and five regional labs – with each having up to five satellite labs and imaging centers.

In 1995, Clalit began its search for a new LIS solution. At that time, they were using various LIS products for their hospitals and core reference laboratory.

After an exhaustive search process, they decided to select one LIS system that could be highly customized to address their special needs. The end result of this search was selecting NeTLIMS’ AutoLims product suite as the foundation block for this ambitious project.

“It has been said that ‘necessity is the mother of invention,’ and we needed an LIS solution that could answer Clalit’s special requirements and scale across all of our organization, from small satellite labs to more than a 1,000 clinics, numerous hospitals and our largest regional and national labs,” commented (Name deleted and title deleted). “AutoLims was designed with the features and scalability that our old legacy solutions lacked. We feel it is one of the most flexible LIS systems available today.”


NeTLIMS develops, markets and supports the AutoLims product suite. For nearly 15 years, AutoLims has been powering hundreds of medium to large clinical laboratories in hospitals and commercial laboratories worldwide. NeTLIMS customers include Quest Diagnostics, top New York City hospitals, HMOs including Clalit – one of the worlds largest HMOs, and hundreds of laboratory installations worldwide. Simply Powerful – AutoLims is lightning fast and extremely intuitive. AutoLims supports the complete needs of all types of clinical laboratories, from an individual lab to a network of laboratories. For additional information, please see http://www.netlims.com.