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Northern California PET Image Center Selects BEAM Medical Image Network

Network significantly decreases turnaround time and improves patient care

Seattle, WA, December 12, 2011) – OneMedNet Corporation, provider of BEAM™, an industry-leading, peer-to-peer (P2P) network for securely sharing medical images, announced recently Northern California PET Image Center (NCPIC) has selected the company’s BEAM image sharing network to help the Center reduce turnaround time for image requests. NCPIC, a free-standing PET and CT Imaging Center located in Sacramento, CA, serves multiple hospitals in the area and receives numerous requests from these facilities for image comparisons.

“The challenge we faced was how to reduce the turnaround time for delivery of studies to our clients for comparisons,” said (Name and title deleted). “It often took us as long as four days to turnaround a request, and this was delaying study interpretations and impacting patient care.”

NCPIC began a review of strategies for improving their delivery of images. They first examined using T-1 lines, but this was found to be cost-prohibitive and the solution was site-specific to each requestor. The second solution explored was adopting a “cloud” strategy for delivering images, but this also presented several drawbacks, including costs, loss of image ownership and security concerns regarding HIPAA compliance.

Finally, NCPIC looked at the BEAM Network and found this solution to be cost-effective, secure and also allowed them to retain control of their images, because they are available only upon the Center’s approval. The only drawback was that the service is subscription-based.

“We chose the BEAM Network because it provides us with a cost-effective, direct, and secure PACS-to-PACS connection for our clients,” (Name deleted) explained. “The images permanently reside in our PACS and we have complete control over who receives the data. The network’s speed improves the patient care our clients are able to deliver and the physicians have a complete patient report with comparisons. Not having to send CDs has also decreased our cost of operation,” (Name deleted) added.

The BEAM network is a simple, secure way to provide medical image sharing anywhere around the world over the Internet, without a VPN connection. BEAM streamlines medical image sharing and eliminates the hassle of CD and DVD distribution that can cause delays in patient care and create unnecessary expenses. With P2P study exchange, BEAM is the most direct and reliable way to share medical files between providers. Whether urgently transferring images for a critically injured trauma patient or a non-urgent referral to a specialist, BEAM makes medical image sharing simple, smart and secure.

About Northern California PET Image Center

Northern California PET Imaging Center was the nation’s first freestanding non-university PET Center. Patient-oriented service, clinical excellence, and clinical research are an important part of who we are. We are dedicated to bringing our community the most up-to-date diagnostic imaging systems that provide physicians with critical information for the management of their patients. NCPIC continues to be the innovative leader in molecular imaging. Our revolutionary imaging technology not only pushes us to the forefront of diagnostic imaging, but also prepares us for a future in which molecular imaging plays an even greater role in disease diagnosis and management. For more information visit www.ncpic.org.

About OneMedNet Corporation

Based in Seattle, WA, OneMedNet Corporation is a service provider offering BEAM™, an industry-leading technology for the secure sharing of medical imaging information. The unique peer-to-peer technology of BEAM was developed to rapidly transport studies in situations where security and speed of delivery are critical to patient care. BEAM eliminates the delays and inefficiencies of medical CDs while maintaining fully HIPAA compliant transfers.  BEAM by OneMedNet is, Secure Exchange Made Simple!™ Discover what BEAM can do for your healthcare enterprise at www.onemednet.com.